Pic from last night when I couldn't sleep UR WELCOME NO ONE

Dumb sleepy pic with messy hair YOU'RE WELCOME NO ONE

Paint me like one of ur french girls πŸ₯–πŸ₯–πŸ₯–

Took some more outdoor photos and of course my dog had to come over and see what I was doing c:

Latest car project done c: Replaced the tailgate hinges with super beefy ones, put a new tire carrier on, added a rack and CUSTOM BRAKE LIGHT >:3 Also added a flag pole (aka fag pole) and I'm the only Jeep owner ever to put a pride flag on a Jeep. All the other rednecks who own Jeeps love their loser flag (aka Confederate flag) or Blue Lives Matter trash.


I needed a way to carry my phone when I'm out and naked c:

I like playing American Truck Simulator with a racing wheel DON'T JUDGE MY LIFE

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