micro, hyper, dubcon 

Well when you don't have a strap-on on hand, you gotta get creative c: More old commission work of me being shrunken down so my wolf can have their way with me

Art by furaffinity.net/user/CrevanBlu

micro, hyper, dubcon(?) 

Old commission of me being shrunken down and my wolf OC having their way with me c:

Art by furaffinity.net/user/CrevanBlu

hyper, underage sex 

Shota me experiencing some "growth" and having my furry OCs take advantage of my now immobile state >:3

Art by twitter.com/Tenkamii/

Me dressed as the Hero of Time making Moo shooting his Lon Lon milk c: He's a cow he can't help it.

I needed the milk don't judge me.

Art by furaffinity.net/user/heyitshap

hyper, growth 

Dumb pic of my sona being forced to grow so they can become a milk producer c:

Art by twitter.com/artofreina


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