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hi i havent really played undertale or deltarune so dont mind me, heres some old doodles (kris is sexy)

and asriel super hyper deathgod or whatever his name is, i had a sex dream about him once. i don't know much else about the series other than some of the cute characters ... ;w;

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he/him moogle boy and his tentacle friend

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its been a hot minute since i posted shota and since i have nothing new atm, take some old art i guess

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finished a cub commission tonight

i want more art of simon, so i am considering doing another art trade...

anyone wanna draw simon for me (in lewd ways ??) i will draw you a single character pic, too ~w~

i might be a little picky with who i choose but leave a comment if you might be interested

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a trade with @Kinokusai
here's my half for them, it's their oc!!


commission i did of
the meme pose

gamer bunni boi cant even hold his controller, better pick it up

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its been a long time in the making but, to celebrate finishing page 3 today, here's all 3 pages of A Lesson In PAIN-Goro!

part 2: TRI ATTACK
part 3: ICE To meet ya)

this is simons canonically reaction to deodorant so that means in my brain he does not use deodorant and thus, is the perfect young nasty man for some very indulgent sniffing in some sexy areas

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commission post time! here's konnor and mike working on, uh, homework.

sorry i've been slow this week, i've been feeling rough and have been kinda sick for a few days ;;;; i'll try to get lots done today

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one more furry commission post for today, i gotta get back to work on drawing <3

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