haha i lived!!

however, i might uhh open for commissions soon due to extra fees i got hit with during the move. im gunna work on pending ones atm tho but my internet is limited to a shitty hotspot till the end of the week

nsfw, shota, piss, transformation, tf, furry, 420, dubcon 

I also enjoy doodling wayne transforming into shit or just having A Bad Time(tm) in general

sorry not sorry i had to redoot my mike simms art

nsfw, shota 

'you can go again for another joint...'

nsfw, doodle, bondage 

late night picky doodle before bed

nsfw, shota, dubcon, age difference, cum 

doodles of chairman rose doing various things, featuring bede and shota leon

nsfw, shota, 420, weed, feet 

I think I'm a little early but I drew Peedee for @Paraportobello 's birthday, happy birthday 💙 💦

any of yall have discord servers i can join, or wanna swap discord info with me? idk im trying to be a little more social with the shotacons lately, lol

nsfw, shota, dubcon, drugs, age gap 

one more post while i'm at it, here's some various mother series fanart ive done

(jeff, lucas, ultimate shota chimera, and duster with shota kumatora)

nsfw, shota, incest, 420, dubcon, drugs 

here's some old minchcest (picky/porky) doodles.. mostly picky.

nsfw, shota, tf, 420, hypnosis 

more sketches of my OCs, mostly wayne with a cameo of brody

nsfw, shota 

Decided to use @wastedandblue 's Dress up base Stu to draw horny demon shota stu

nsfw, shota, 420, cum 

here's another one of my OCs, kueh (aka kueh milkboi)
i draw him in many forms, usually a robot, an incubus, or a shota incubus lol. he's an absolute himbo

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