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Server rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. Users must be 18 years or older to join.
  2. All fictional media is allowed provided the content doesn't contain representations of real humans without their consent, or promotes hate.
  3. Photography containing nudity and pornography of consenting adults is allowed.
  4. Non-sexual images (including drawings and photography) containing nudity does not need to be marked as sensitive.
  5. Pornographic images must be marked as sensitive. This includes any image where the subject is aroused, or their genitals are the focus of the image (e.g. a dick pic). They also cannot appear in avatars and profile images.
  6. Pornographic writing, fetish images, and other graphic images must have a content warning. Some examples of images that require content warnings can be found below.
  7. Users must own, or have the right to use, copyrighted works that don't fall under Fair Use.
  8. Any beliefs that run contrary to equal rights for racial minorities, sexual minorities, the trans community, women, and immigrants is not allowed to be posted here. Users with ties to groups that promote hate to them will be banned.
  9. Members found to engage in harassment, even outside this website, will be removed. This includes callout posts. Please contact the staff if there's an issue.
  10. Please check the Terms of Service for a more comprehensive list of rules.
This server is a free for all for self-expression! Basically, if it's legal (in the USA) and not hateful, it's allowed on this website.


  • Adults only! Users must be 18 years or older to join.
  • Express yourself through fiction without fear! As long as the subjects are fictional, you're in the clear.
  • Stop hiding your lewd side! Feel free to post photos and other lewds of yourself and/or others who have consented.
  • No fash! We only allow people to post beliefs that don't run contrary to equal rights for racial minorities, sexual minorities, the trans community, and women.
  • No more callouts! Abusive users are silenced the second we see them.
  • Nudists rejoice! Nudity isn't automatically treated like porn and isn't considered a second class citizen to clothes.
Check the rules for more info!


Why choose this server over others?

Basically, our goal is to maximize what content is allowed and let people express themselves in a safe judgment free environment. To achieve that, we're also tough on people that spread hate and remove it when we see it. If that's your goal too, then you'll fit in here.

What if I don't want to see graphic/pornographic content or certain kinks?

Graphic and pornographic content is required to be marked as sensitive. Kinks require a content warning and an explanation for what kind of content it is. You'd have to specifically click past of all those to see the content. You can also filter the content so you never have to even come across it. If you do come across unmarked content, please report it.

What content requires a content warning?

  • Fetishistic content such as (but not limited to):
    • Pee, farting and feces (e.g. "scat", "piss", "messy diaper" etc.)
    • Sexual Violence
    • Incest
    • Acts of BDSM
    • Extreme sexual acts (e.g "anal prolapse", "fisting", etc.)
    • All types of vore (e.g. "oral vore", "anal vore", "cock vore", etc.)
    • Sexualized fictional depictions of animals ("feral")
    • Humanoids being sexual or romantic with fictional animals ("feral x human", "human x furry", etc.)
    • Alpha Beta and Omega (A/B/O)
    • Non-consensual sex/dubious consent ("noncon" and "dubcon")
    • Fictional underage sexual encounters (e.g. "underage", "shota" and "loli")
    • Romantic and sexual relationships between fictional minors and adults ("adult x minor")
  • Gore
  • Discussions of hate or traumatic events
  • Sexual toots and writing
Note: Use your best judgment. This is by no means a comprehensive list, just a few examples to get you started. Content warnings can never be used too much. If you have any questions, feel free to ask @staff.

What images must be marked as sensitive?

  • Images that require content warnings.
  • Any image where the genitals are the focus and/or the subject is visually aroused.
  • Pornography

How come nudity isn't required to be marked as sensitive?

We don't believe nudity should be considered "sensitive". We don't think nudity should be inherently sexualized and we'd rather encourage an environment where people can display their body without needing to feel the need to cover it up. That being said, sexual nudity such as images where the genitals are the focus (e.g. dick picks), the subject is displaying signs of arousal, or are clearly being used to try to illicit a sexual response, are required to be marked as sensitive.

What if I boost something that isn't properly content warned or marked as sensitive from another server?

As long as the content isn't against our rules, it's fine to boost posts that don't follow our content warning and sensitive rules. We try to do our best with the content on the site, but we can't control the rules that other servers have. We don't want to discourage users from interacting with the fediverse.

Posts are missing from remote users.

If the account has never interacted with our server before, toots from before the first interaction will not be loaded unless interacted with. So while you can remotely follow and favorite their toots, you'll be unable to view older toots from the Goggles' website.

Can I report accounts from other servers?

Yes, please do actually. We can block their ability to interact with users on our server and all their content will be removed. We can also block abusive servers outright.

I'm unable to load a remote user's profile and receive an error when attempting to interact with their toots.

The account and/or server has been suspended from interacting with our server due to a violation of our Terms of Service.

Why do you allow harmful fictional content?

We don't. We ban racist and other hateful iconography. If you're referring to fictional kinks, it's because we don't believe that it is harmful and the science tends to side with us. There's plenty of victims who use "harmful" kinks to cope, and at the end of the day, it's not up to us to determine why someone has the kinks they do, their actions are what matters. By mandating content warnings and tags, controversial kinks are put into a bubble and aren't "normalized", plus people who don't wish to see them can avoid them.